Business to Business: Corporate-Minded

We provide creative gifting solutions as well as personalised services to companies and we are open to cooperation with small businesses and non profit organisations. We craft specific chocolates for our corporate client portfolio. These bespoke chocolates can be specially branded (or co-branded) according to the needs and marketing focus of the company.

Custom Brand Confectionery

We will assist your business in finding the perfect gift for all occasions, from custom confections for events and client gifting to staff rewards and product launching. We can label the products or produce customized confections with your brand, corporate colours, slogans and logo.

Corporate Gifts & Events

Our corporate gifting service enables you to create a lasting impression with your clients and employees, with a unique selection of customised designs and flavours. We can cater for your corporate Christmas and other season’s hamper requirements.

Hospitality Favours & Desserts

Narez & Cuart supply to trade and corporate customers in Mallorca and beyond including restaurants, hotels chains and boutique hotels.

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Brand Collaborations

At Narez & Cuart we love to co-create and develop concepts and materialise ideas.

Non Profit Organisations

Narez & Cuart had a vision of a space for nonprofits collaborations. This vision has become a reality and we are proud to share our resources and creativity and collaborate to better serve the people in need.